How To: Studylist Manager

You’ve explored VocabNetwork a little bit, you’ve reviewed the studylists that VocabNetwork suggested when you signed up, you’ve checked out the Walkthrough, and you’re starting to get comfortable with VN.

Now you’re thinking you’d like to make your own studylists, or edit existing ones to better suit your needs.

Introducing Studylist Manager!

Your Studylist Manager can be found at the bottom left of any page — the gray tab that says “Studylist Manager.”  This is where you can create, edit, and quickly view the studylists in your collection.

Viewing Studylists

1. Click on the Studylist Manager tab at the bottom of your Dashboard page.

(Click any image to enlarge)

2. If it’s not already selected, click the My Studylists tab in your Studylist Manager.

Making Studylists

1. Click on the Vocab tab to see all the Vocablets on VN.

2. When you find a Vocablet that you would like to have in a studylist, click on the red button over the image that says Add to a Studylist.

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3. Click on the arrow at the top right of the Vocablet thumbnail to see the full definition and snippet, or to remove the Vocablet from your Studylist Manager.

4. When you’ve added all the Vocablets you want in your new studylist, select Create a NEW Studylist and click the green Save button.

5. Next, name your studylist, choose one or two Interest Areas for it, and save it as public (meaning all VocabNetwork users can see and use it) or private (so only you can see and use it).

That’s it!  Now you can review your new studylist using FlashCards or quiz yourself with it using the Word Test.

Have more questions about Studylist Manager?  Check out our FAQ, ask us here, or contact us at

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