How to: Sharing in VN

Vocab Network is not your typical flashcard site!  Look here for fun, interesting and useful features on Vocab Network that help to make vocabulary memorable for YOU.

Have you noticed this little symbol around the site?

It’s pretty useful!  It’s in your studylist manager…


at the top of every studylist in the Collections tab…


and underneath the picture on every vocablet.


It’s the Share Button, and it allows you to send a vocablet or studylist to a friend using their Vocab Network username or their e-mail address.  You can also share with an entire Vocab Network Group!

Sharing is a great way to connect with other Vocab Network users.  You can clue in your friends on studylists you know they’d be interested in, whether it’s unlikely animal friends or weather words.  Maybe you’ve made a studylist for your vocab test next week and you want to send it to your whole class via e-mail.  Or perhaps you’ve found a vocablet with a snippet that you know your “Sports Fans” group would want to know about.


-- Wait, what? Nooooo!

What are you waiting for?  Get out there and share some vocabulary love, and tell us your successful sharing stories in the comments!

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