How To: Friends on Vocab Network

There’s more to VN than vocab!  Let’s talk about one of the features of Vocab Network that helps you on your journey toward language knowledge.

Here at VN we know that reaching vocab mastery often requires a little help or encouragement along the way, and who better to provide it than your friends?

That’s why the Friends feature is important.  Making friends on Vocab Network will help keep you involved, engaged, and moving forward in your learning.

So let’s get started!

1. Look at the Friends box on the left-hand side of your dashboard page.  If it’s empty, have no fear, for we will soon fill it with new and interesting people!

2. Click Browse People above the top right corner of the box.  

3. Find your friends.  You can search for a friend using their VN username, real name, or email address.  You can also find people by searching friends of friends, or by searching by country or interest area.

4. When you’ve found your friend, click their username to go to their profile page.

5. Click the “Friend” button to send them a friend request, including a personalized message if you like.  As soon as they accept your request, you’ll see them on your Dashboard page!

Now that you’ve found some friends, get involved!  Check out their profiles to see their studylists and their progress to mastery.  Share a studylist or a Vocablet or two with them, invite them to a Group, or send them a message.  You could work together on a new studylist, or challenge each other to a race to mastery.

Try this: Head over to Vocab Network NOW and friend a stranger based on common interest.  Then send them a message introducing yourself.  Who knows?  You may have just made a new lifelong friend!

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