How To: A Walkthrough of the basics

You’ve just signed up for VocabNetwork and you’re thinking, “Now what?”  Here’s a short walkthrough of the basics to get you started on your path to vocab mastery!

Getting Started

1. This is your Dashboard.  It’s the first page you see when you log in, and it will be your home base.

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2. Look at the studylists box.  We’ve selected a few studylists for you based on the interest areas you provided when you set up your account.

3. Mouse over the eye icon of one of the studylists and look at the options.  Click view.


4. Look through the full Vocablets for all the words in the studylist you selected, but don’t worry about all the details for now.

5. Go back to your Dashboard, either by using your Back button or by clicking the My Dashboard link at the top right of the page.

6. Look again at your studylist box and mouse over the eye icon.  Click study.

This is the FlashCards page, and it’s the best place to study your vocab words.  Look over the Vocablet.  See the buttons along the right side and below the image?  Those toggle different parts of the Vocablet on and off so you can customize how you study!  Try it out.


Notice how the yellow Activities tab is highlighted, with FlashCards selected in red.  You can get to your FlashCards at any time by mousing over the Activities tab and clicking on FlashCards.

7. Go back to the Dashboard and look at the studylists box again.  Mouse over the eye icon and this time click test.

This is the Word Test, which is where you test your vocab knowledge and work your way to mastery.

8. Click on Start Test.  Don’t worry that you don’t know the words for now, just take a look at the Word Test features.


Again, notice how the yellow Activities tab is highlighted, and this time the Word Test is selected in red.  You can get to the Word Test from any page by mousing over the Activities Tab and clicking on Word Test.

9. Exit the Word Test by clicking End Test.

Now you know how to view and study your studylists, and you can start working your way to mastery using the Word Test.

We’ve covered a lot, so take a moment and explore what you’ve just learned.  Look at your studylists, flip through your Flashcards, take a Word Test, and spend some time clicking on things and getting acquainted with the site.  Go on; we’ll wait here.

Finding Studylists

Now that you know how to study and test yourself, how do you find more studylists to learn?

1. Click on the Collections tab.

Here you’ll find all of the studylists on VocabNetwork listed on the left side of the page, and the currently selected studylist displayed on the right.  You can narrow down your list of studylists by mousing over the Collections tab and choosing an Interest Area, a standardized test, or a Signature Set.


2. Click on the name of a studylist in the left menu to see a preview on the right.

3. When you find one that you like, click the red button that says Add to MY Studylists.

The studylist will now show up on your Dashboard in the studylists box, or you can select it from the drop-down menu on the FlashCards or Word Test page.


Now you know how to navigate the site, browse Vocablets, find and make studylists, study your FlashCards, progress toward mastery with the Word Test, and use the Studylist Manager.  So get started!

Stay tuned for lessons on making studylists and Vocablets, editing your profile, finding friends, and other cool VN features!

Questions?  Need more help?  Check out our FAQ or e-mail us at

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