Vocablet of the Day: Belie

Today’s Vocablet features a tricky type of flower with a secret that will reveal itself if you get close enough.

The belie (Starfish Flower) Vocablet is about a huge type of flower from Africa whose appearance disguises its true nature — it is amazingly beautiful but smells like rotting flesh.  Why in the world would they have such an awful stench?  Well, these flowers, also called “carrion flowers”, are pollinated by flies who love to feed on decaying matter — that’s why they’re always buzzing around the dumpster — so they’re attracted to the flower’s smell.

Check out the sensation these flowers are making at the University of Washington in Seattle, where scientists are using the giant, smelly plant that belies what people think they know about flowers as an educational tool.  Now that’s one biology lesson that’s sure to put you off your lunch!

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