Vocablet of the Day: Flagrant

Flagrant definition made memorable in VocabNetwork’s NFL Vocablet.  Today’s Vocablet features hard hits and questionable tactics.

Flagrant NFL Vocablet

Do you think there should be stronger penalties, like suspensions and fines, for conspicuously and outrageously reprehensible tackles?  Our flagrant (NFL) Vocablet highlights the issues the NFL must face in regulating a sport that is violent by nature.  How far should they go to ensure players don’t get seriously injured?

The NFL is serious about this.  ESPN has reported that three players were given huge fines totaling $175,000 for their overly aggressive and irresponsible hits.

Is this flagrant (NFL) Vocablet in your collection?   Check it out in VocabNetwork’s football and sports studylists.

Have you experienced an outrageous, flagrant attack?  outside of football?  Describe a situation and help make the meaning of ‘flagrant’ memorable for us all.

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