Language Matters: When In Doubt, Just Repeat Yourself

Baltimore Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh really loves football — so much, in fact, that he repeated the word nine times in thirty seconds:

There’s something to be admired in Harbaugh’s passion for the game — you know which one — but at a press conference, just throwing around the word that everyone is already talking about won’t win you many points.

This clip isn’t just poking fun at a football coach for his sparse vocabulary, however.

The repetition of the word allows the coach to talk for a while without saying anything meaningful or actually answering the question asked of him. ┬áIt’s not a graceful trick, but it works — and it’s used by politicians all the time.

Can you think of another instance where a public figure (sports coach, politician, celebrity, company CEO, etc) simply repeated a word or phrase to create a sound bite or to avoid answering a question?

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