Survey Results: What YOU think about this vocabulary blog

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our survey last week! 

BTW, you still have time to take this week’s survey for another chance to win an Amazon $25 gift card – this one closes Friday the 18th at 9:00pm PST

We’ve learned a lot about what you all want from this blog, what you like and dislike, and what we can change in the future to reflect what you want to see.

Here are some of the results:

You like the idea of controversial topics, as long as they’re not too controversial.  We certainly want to start some lively discussions, and we’re glad to know you’re on board to talk about touchy subjects!



We were glad to see that our Vocablet of the Day posts help you to understand, use, and remember vocab words!

We’re all about increasing language abilities, not just rote memorization of words and definitions, so it’s great that this kind of post helps bring meanings to life and make them memorable for you.

You were pretty evenly split about what kind of voice the blog should take.  We want to invite conversation, but we also want to provide information in a compelling way.  We’ll see if we can combine the two into interesting, informational posts that personally invite you to take a part in the discussion.

What we enjoyed most, and what helps us a lot, are all the individual comments you left – great to hear what you really think.  Thank you!

So, what matters most for you in a blog?  What do you look for, and what turns you off?  Let us know and we’ll incorporate your responses into our posts!

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