Studylist of the Week: Natural Remedies

Chicken soup, vitamin C, gargling with salt water, herbal teas, heating pads…

Most of us know at least a few non-pharmaceutical ways to feel better when we’re sick or hurting.  VocabNetwork’s Natural Remedies studylist showcases some of the more unusual ways that nature can treat what ails us.


Human beings have known for millennia about the psychedelic properties of magic mushrooms, using them for ritual and recreation.

Now, research has found that these “shrooms” can alleviate (make more bearable) pain in cancer patients.  Some even say they lose their fear of death after the experience!


Medicine from shark tissue?  Believe it!  Scientists have discovered a compound in sharks called squalamine that works as a potent antiviral.

The efficacy (ability to produce the intended result) of the compound of fighting chronic infections is remarkable, and could prove useful in many hospitals.


Cockroaches are usually thought to spread disease not fend  it off (defend somebody or something from harm).

However, newly-discovered chemicals in the brains of cockroaches have been found to kill E. Coli and even MRSA (a strain of staph infection resistant to antibiotics).



One potential remedy known for its surprising antibacterial properties is Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Ancient cultures saw it as a kind of panacea (hypothetical remedy for all ills and diseases) due to its ability to treat a variety of ailments, from colds and flus to wounds and rashes.


Would you be open to an unusual type of treatment, like magic mushrooms, if you had terminal cancer?  What kinds of natural remedies do you use?

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