Vocablet of the Day: Panacea

Today’s Vocablet flashcard features an unlikely kind of medicine that will delight your sweet tooth:

The panacea-Manuka Honey snippet highlights a type of honey from New Zealand that boasts remarkable — and natural — antibacterial properties.  It can help prevent colds and flu, settle an upset stomach, and when placed as a plaster on an open wound, even fight infection.  No wonder ancient people thought of it as a remedy for all ills and diseases!

How does this happen?  Researchers in Germany recently identified the specific antibacterial agent responsible for the healthful properties of the sticky, sweet stuff.

Is this “panacea” Vocablet in your collection?
See it in VocabNetwork’s Natural Remedies studylist.

Some people think of Prozac as a panacea for all kinds of depression.  Do you know of other things that claim to be an incredible cure-all?

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