Language Matters: Learning a Truly ‘Alien’ Language

A language from another world is helping one man live with his dyslexia.

Klingon, the fictional language created for the Star Trek TV shows and movies, isn’t just a bunch of strange-sounding words strung together to sound like an alien language.  It is actually a complete language with its own grammar and usage rules.

Spoken by Klingons, like this impressive individual.

A man called Jonathan Brown has spent twelve years learning the language, in spite of his dyslexia and “name blindness,” which he describes as an inability to remember the names of things.

The process of learning the language has helped him to manage his dyslexia.  How?

Memorizing the words and helping to translate the language onto a CD for others to use helped him figure out a different way to learn words.

Instead of putting the words in the “name” part of his brain (which doesn’t work), he used a different part, which enabled him to keep the words in his long-term memory.

Do you know of any other kinds of unexpected benefits to learning another language?

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