The OED’s Buzzwords for 2011

What do “unfriend,” “LOL,” “sexting,” “<3,” and “retweet” have in common?

They’re all words that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in the past couple of years.

As we’ve said before on this blog, language is constantly evolving.  The OED, as the definitive record of all the words in the English language, is always on the lookout for new words that reflect how the language is changing and how people speak.

The OED recently released its shortlist for 2011′s Word of the Year, and it included some interesting new tech buzzwords.  Have you heard of them?

VocabNetwork’s OED Shortlist 2011 studylist highlights some of these buzzwords, with snippets and pics to make them memorable!

The OED’s choice for Word of the Year is ‘squeezed middle,’ and with good reason.  The term refers to the section of society that’s most affected by economic problems like inflation and cuts in public spending.  Similar to the 99% in the Occupy movement.



Need to raise some money?  Instead of getting large amounts from a few people, try crowdfunding (raising small amounts of money from large groups of people).




A new environmental enemy has been receiving attention lately — fracking (extraction of gas in rock by introducing liquids at high pressure), which can introduce methane gas and drilling fluid into underground drinking water.



Social networks have moved activism online to create clicktivism (promotion of a cause through social media and other online methods), putting power back in the hands of individuals.




Have a boring task to do?  Gamification (application of concepts from games to other areas of activity) takes menial tasks and makes them fun and interactive with incentives and rewards.



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Is there a word that you think should have been included in the OED’s shortlist?

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