Vocablet of the Day: Insouciance

Today’s Vocablet flashcard is about the nonchalance and simultaneous sweetness of the Sexiest Man Alive.

It will come as no surprise to fans.  The insouciance-Johnny Depp snippet highlights the hidden depth of the movie star’s personality, once you get past the attitude.  Though he may outwardly put on a show of casual lack of concern or care, his soft-spoken manner and easy smile hint at sweetness below the surface.

More evidence of Depp’s insouciance?  He’s being criticized by people of the Christian faith for singing a song about Jesus getting drunk.

Is this “insouciance” Vocablet in your collection?
See it in VocabNetwork’s Famous Reputations studylist.

Many celebrities show this kind of nonchalance to seem aloof or mysterious.  Is insouciance a personality trait of any of your friends?  How do they show it?

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