Vocablet of the Day: Contravene

Today’s Vocablet flashcard involves the drawbacks of gathering huge amounts of information for the Internet — not all information is public.

The contravene-Privacy snippet highlights an embarrassing — and illegal — slip up by the information superpower Google.  While driving around cities and towns in Canada collecting information for Google Street View, the company accidentally picked up data from wi-fi routers in homes, an action that goes against the country’s privacy laws.

This isn’t Google’s only clash with wi-fi and privacy laws.   To avoid breaking European privacy laws, Google recently introduced an option to allow wi-fi users to opt-out of Google’s location services.

Is this “contravene” Vocablet in your collection?
See it in VocabNetwork’s Google Projects studylist.

Many users criticize Facebook for its irresponsible treatment of people’s information and lack of concern for privacy issues.  How else do websites contravene privacy laws?

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