Vocablet of the Day: Caisson

Today’s Vocablet flashcard features an innovative solution to the problem of a sinking city:

If you haven’t been to Venice yet, you might want to make it your next travel destination because it could soon be gone — having sunk into the sea.  The caisson-MOSE Project snippet presents a new idea to stop, or at least slow, this process.  The project uses large watertight chambers for underwater construction to control a series of gates that will stop the flow of tides from flooding the city and shifting its foundations.

How does it work?  CNET has an article describing the process in more depth, including pictures of how the caissons actually move.

Is this “caisson” Vocablet in your collection?
Check it out in VocabNetwork’s Amazing City Structures studylist.

Do you live near any kind of underwater construction (dams, levees, locks)?  Have you visited any?  How do you think a caisson could be useful in constructing those?

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