A few hours left -you can make it! VocabNetwork Studylist Scramble


  • Register with VocabNetwork.  Click here to sign up.
  • After registering, mouse over the EYE icon of a sampler studylist on the right side of your Dashboard.
  • Select “Study, Test, Play” from the EYE icon, and get your studylist at least 30% complete.
  • Click here to enter.  Please include your VocabNetwork username, % complete, and the subject “STUDYLIST SCRAMBLE.”
Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!  
Ten $10 runner-up prizes awarded too.
Entries accepted until 12:00 noon PST 24 February, 2012


Good Luck & Happy Studying!


Studylist Scramble Competition
  1. Find your studylist samplers (they mirror the interest areas you check when you complete your VocabNetwork registration).  After signing up/logging in you’ll be on your Dashboard page.  Look in the ”My Studylists” box on the right.
  2. View your studylist samplers by mousing over the EYE icon and clicking “View.”  You’ll go to the Vocab page with the studylist “Vocablets” listed. Each Vocablet has a vocab word highlighted in yellow in a snippet along with an image, definition, and related words.
  3. Choose a studylist for this Drawing and examine the vocab more closely by mousing over the EYE icon and clicking “Study.” You’ll go to Flashcards where you can review words and meanings in ways that fit your style.
  4. See how well you know the vocab words by mousing over the EYE icon and clicking “Test.” For each correct answer in Word Test, you get 10 mastery points.  Use four hints or less and your points stay the same. You lose 10 points for incorrect answers but don’t worry — the point is to take the test over and over again. This helps imprint the words in your brain so you master them for life.
  5. Continue to move your studylist towards completion by mousing over the EYE icon and clicking “Play.” In our tetris-style Droplet Game, position falling tiles to make vocab+related word matches. A mastery point a match adds up!
  6. Check out your studylist % complete any time by clicking the Check Progress link at the top of the page (beside My Dashboard).
Want to increase your chances?

Hit mastery for all ten of your vocab words (studylist 100% complete) and you’ll be awarded two additional entries in the drawing.

Once your studylist is at least 30% complete, click the link below and email your username and % complete with “STUDYLIST SCRAMBLE” in the subject to receive your correct number of entries. 
Please enter me now.


Entries accepted until 12:00 noon PST 24 February, 2012.
WINNERS ANNOUNCED BY 6:00PM PST same day here on the blog, on vocabnetwork.com, and by email.

Good Luck & Happy Studying!

Sign up at vocabnetwork.com to begin.



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