VocabNetwork Studylist Scramble #2 **ending this Monday!


    • Register or Log in on vocabnetwork.com.
    • Once you’re on your Dashboard, mouse over the EYE icon of a studylist in your My Studylists box.
    • Select “Study, Test, Play” from the EYE icon, and get a new studylist 30% complete or more.
    • When ready, click here to enter.
In the email, please include your studylist name and % complete.


Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!   Ten $10 runner-up prizes awarded too.
Enter until 12:00 noon PST 12 March, 2012.  Winners announced by midnight PST.
FOR DETAILS, SEE OUR Contests, Surveys, Specials page


Good Luck & Happy Studying!


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