Vocablet of the Day: Deterrent

Say hello to a creature that you definitely don’t want to encounter when it’s angry!

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If you’ve ever smelled skunk spray, you know that it works well as something that discourages acting or proceeding.

Other animals understand the deterrent of a skunk’s awful spray too — like this dog who prefers to sit by while a skunk steals his dinner rather than risk the skunk’s wrath:

The deterrent-Skunk Vocablet highlights the effective — and noxious — protective system that skunks employ when threatened or scared.  Even if you didn’t already know about the skunk’s reputation, the powerful deterrent of that chemical spray would send you running as soon as you caught a whiff.

Have you ever been “skunked”?  Or is the skunk’s threat enough of a deterrent to keep you safely far away from them?

Can’t wait to get deterrent in your vocab word collection?
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