Studylist of the Week: Fashion

Fashion is a fast-paced, forever-changing world of innovation and artistry.  VocabNetwork’s Fashion studylist highlights some of the good, the bad, and the strange creations of this influential industry.


The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was filled with fashion choices bordering on the bizarre.

The biggest faux pas (embarrassing mistake that breaks a social convention) was Princess Beatrice of York’s giant bow-like monstrosity — but it later sold for over $100,000!


Fashionistas draw inspiration from all kinds of art forms, including dance.

The chic (elegantly and stylishly fashionable) topknot look is borrowed from ballerinas, giving its wearer an aura of beauty and grace.



Lady Gaga’s fashion choices could be called big, bold, unusual, and eccentric (not according to what is generally done and slightly strange).

Sometimes her ensembles may cross the line into the bizarre, but one thing is for sure — they’re never boring!



Victoria’s Secret conjures images of tall, thin, gorgeous models strutting down runways in underwear and high heels.

The brand’s (product line or distinctive name identifying a company) most iconic images are their Angels, sporting huge feathered wings to match their lingerie.


Are you a fashion fanatic?  Do you make your own clothes, hit up expensive boutiques, or browse thrift stores for great finds?  How does fashion influence your life?

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