Vocablet of the Day: Insulation

Ever wonder how a polar bear stays warm in Arctic temperatures?

Start studying insulation right now in VN’s Cold Weather Creatures studylist.

A polar bear’s fur is key to its survival, because it is a material that prevents or reduces the passage of heat.

Like a big, fluffy winter jacket, each individual hair provides insulation for the bear against its bitterly cold environment. ┬áThe only spots without insulation are the bear’s eyes and nose, which it covers with its paws to keep warm:

The insulation-Polar Bear snippet highlights the remarkable fur coat that keeps polar bears from freezing in their Arctic environment. ┬áThe hollow hairs trap heat next to the bears’ bodies, providing insulation against the cold.

Humans don’t have fur — what kind of insulation do we use to keep ourselves warm?

Can’t wait to get insulation in your vocab word collection?
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