Vocablet of the Day: Discrepancy

In the Occupy movement, the protesters claim to be the 99% of average workers protesting against the 1% of the hugely wealthy.  Why?

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One of the biggest issues for the Occupy movement is the difference or inconsistency in earnings between corporate executives and the average worker.

The huge discrepancy in wages means that the small number of people who are already wealthy (the 1 percent) grow richer while a much larger majority of people (the 99 percent) struggle to make ends meet.  The growing discrepancy also threatens to eliminate the middle class, leaving only the very poor and the very rich.

The discrepancy-Wage Gap Vocablet highlights the unjust distribution of money in the United States, where the amount of pay is not equal to the amount of work.

Have you noticed this wage discrepancy in your own life?  How might it affect you?

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