What’s HOT Studylist: Earth Day 2012

There’s a huge mass of garbage, much of it tiny plastic pieces, swirling around the Pacific Ocean.  The United States recently had the hottest March on record.  Gas prices are steadily rising, storms are growing increasingly severe, and experts are urging immediate action to combat global climate change.

What’s HOT (no pun intended) this week: Earth Day 2012.

Read about one of the most polluted cities in the world, miners that are depleting the already scarce coral reefs, and diminished Arctic ice floes.

Happily, there are also new green energy technologies being developed and efforts at energy conservation around the world.

Head over to VN to study, test, play, and track your progress to mastery with this week’s What’s HOT studylist, Earth Day 2012.

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, and we’ll be posting Earth Day content all week.  Keep checking back!

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