Studylist of the Week: Celebrity Reputations

The public loves a scandal, so gossip and rumors abound about our favorite famous people.  VocabNetwork’s Celebrity Reputations studylist highlights some of the titillating stories about celebs that may — or may not — be true.


Suing Britney Spears for sexual harassment?  Seems crazy!

Britney maintains that her former bodyguard is only looking for money, and his accusations are completely baseless (without foundation in fact).


Michael Phelps’ Olympic celebrity has made him an unwitting target for the tabloid News of the World.

Their latest attempt to sully (place doubt upon) the swimmer’s reputation involves his abilities not in the pool, but in the bedroom.


Could Emma Watson really be the victim of bullying?  Even at Brown University?

Not so, she says.  The ‘Harry Potter’ star says that the accusations against her peers were preposterous (contrary to reason or common sense) and “beyond unfair.”


Did Brad and Angie first get together while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston?

Brad has fiercely denied the allegation (accusation made with little or no proof), but the fans will probably always wonder.


Do you follow celebrity stories?  Have any hot gossip to share?  Tell us about a juicy new piece of celebrity news, and we’ll make it into a Vocablet!

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