Vocablet of the Day: Vicissitude

Do you have Bieber fever?  Are you a Belieber?  Or is this baby-faced pop star just another blip on the radar of musical trends through history?

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All purveyors of popular culture, no matter how talented, can be subject to changes of circumstances or fortune in their careers.

Many other teen pop stars, in spite of a brief rush of huge fame, have not weathered the vicissitudes of time, fading quietly from the public eye.  As tastes change and trends shift, even the biggest stars suffer the vicissitudes of a notoriously fickle public.

The vicissitude-Justin Bieber Vocablet highlights the uncertain future of this teen pop sensation, questioning whether his talent will be enough to see him through the changing tides of public opinion.

What musicians have succumbed to the vicissitudes of time?  Which have survived?

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