Vocablet of the Day: Obstreperous

Kids are many things: cute, interesting, funny, lovable… and out of control!

Study obstreperous now in VocabNetwork’s Wild and Crazy Kids studylist.

Kids are fun and entertaining, but their boundless energy means that they can also sometimes be noisy and difficult to control.

Shirley Jackson’s story about her struggles with her obstreperous children is humorous and touching. ¬†Though she is sometimes exasperated by her high-spirited and obstreperous kids, her love for them is obvious even through the frustration.

The obstreperous-Life Among the Savages Vocablet highlights the book written by a mom about her sometimes wild but always lovable children.

Have you ever been around a group of obstreperous kids?  Were you that way when you were young?

Get to studying obstreperous!
Add the obstreperous-Life Among the Savages Vocablet to a collection, or start studying now with VocabNetwork’s blank studylist.

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