Studylist of the Week: Robots Take Over the World

Robots may seem like pure science fiction, but the quickly advancing reality of our technological friends might surprise you. The Robots Take Over the World studylist highlights some of the new and amazing ways that robots will affect our lives in the future.


Some humanoid robots can accurately mimic (imitate or copy in action, speech, etc) human activity.

With robots like these, you might have to look twice to be sure the person you’re talking to is really a person!



Babyloid is a robot baby designed to keep older people company and fight depression.

The cuddly robot has red lights in its cheeks to show when it feels contented (satisfied with things as they are).



Could your job be done by a robot?

Robots are now encroaching (trespassing upon the domain or rights of another) on the world of food service, replacing human waiters in some restaurants.



Cochlear implants, prosthetic limbs, pacemakers, glass eyes….

Many people today qualify as cyborgs (humans whose physical abilities are helped by technology devices).  Who knows what will come next?


What do you think of all this robotic technology?  Are scientists entering dangerous territory or will robots only be used for the good of humanity?

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