Vocablet of the Day: Delicacy

Trying out cheeses in Italy?  You might be surprised to learn how one of these celebrated local dishes is made.

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Sometimes, the strangest-seeming things can be delicious or highly prized items of food in other cultures.

What are these crawling things in my cheese?!

Casu Marzu, a signature cheese of Sardinia, Italy, is a delicacy that could gross out unsuspecting travelers.  The cheese is fermented and decomposing with the help of tiny maggots, making this unusual delicacy a gooey treat — for those who can stomach the idea.

The delicacy-Casu Marzu Vocablet highlights the unique Italian cheese that uses insect larvae to add a special texture that locals love.

Do you know of (or enjoy) any other strange — or kind of icky — delicacies?

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