Studylist of the Week: Flash Mobs

You’re in a public place, maybe an airport, a city square, or a public transit station, when all of a sudden dozens or hundreds of people around you break into choreographed dancing.  What is going on??  It’s a flash mob!

VocabNetwork’s Flash Mobs studylist highlights some of these huge, wacky, unexpected events that have been popping up all over the world.

Weddings are often crowded affairs, but what if yours was accompanied by a mob (large, sometimes unruly crowd of people) of dancers?

That’s what happened to a couple in Boston, whose wedding included a flash mob celebration.


Smiles and laughter are not the most common occurrences at airports these days, but Dubai changed that one day.

The airport orchestrated (planned and directed a complex undertaking) a flash mob of 55 dancers, much to the weary travelers’ delight.


Flash mobs rely on surprise — without it, the event loses its spontaneity and risks growing out of control.

So, when a news team found out about a planned mob of carolers, the flash (happening suddenly or very quickly) mob had to scale back its plans.


Another flash mob in Kansas City consisted of a whopping 450 people!

The brainchild (original plan or idea attributed to a person or group) behind the whole event was Ann Sundeed, who started organizing it with 20 others.


Have you ever participated in a flash mob?  Have you seen one?  What do you think of the flash mob phenomenon?


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