Vocablet of the Day: Outfoxed

All animals have the instinct to fight for their lives, even in the most unexpected ways.

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In an ironic twist, a hunter was beaten by cleverness or trickery by the very animal he was trying to kill.

This little guy may look cute, but try to hurt him and you could find yourself in big trouble!

The hunter was outfoxed by, yes, a fox. ┬áThe fox was wounded, and when the hunter tried to grapple with it, the fox managed to pull the trigger on the hunter’s gun, shooting him. ┬áThe prey outfoxed the predator!

The outfoxed-Hunting Accident Vocablet highlights a strange but true story about an unfortunate man who was shot by the fox he had formerly wounded.

Do you know of another story where a human was outfoxed by an animal? Share it!

Start studying ‘outfoxed‘!
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