Studylist of the Week: Animal Attack

Most of the time, we think of animals as our friends.  We watch them with fascination in zoos, we play with them in our own houses, and we rely on them as a source of food.  But wild animals are capable of bizarre and awesome feats to defend themselves or hunt down prey.  Some of these feats are highlighted in VN’s Animal Attack studylist.


Black jaguars are the same species as their lighter-colored friends, with the same deadly skill at hunting.

Jaguars prefer to ambush (wait in hiding to attack) their prey, using the element of surprise to their advantage.



This scary-looking creature is called a sea wasp, known for being the deadliest jellyfish in the world.

Its venom (poisonous secretion of an animal, usually transmitted by a bite or sting) is strong enough to kill 60 people!


The viperfish, a fierce predator with sharp, needle-like teeth, has a unique way of catching prey.

The fish has a light at the end of its spine that it uses to lure (attract of tempt as part of a trap) its food.



It’s amazing how such tiny animals can cause such a huge amount of damage, but with half a million ants per colony, there’s strength in numbers.

Army ants send out groups to search for food, decimating (destroying or causing great damage) everything in their path.


What other animals have amazing attack capabilities?

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