Vocablet of the Day: Oblivion

When you’re walking down the street, smartphone in hand and earbuds in your ears, how much are you aware of what’s going on around you?

Study ‘oblivion‘ right now in VN’s Downsides of Too Much Tech studylist.

Smartphones, iPods, PDAs… all of today’s hand-held technologies are so fascinating that they can actually put us into a state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.

It’s okay to slip into oblivion when sitting safely at home with your iPhone, but that trance-like state can be dangerous on the street. ¬†Pedestrians who fall into “iPod oblivion” might not notice sidewalk hazards, traffic, or other pedestrians, putting themselves at risk

The oblivion-iPod Danger Vocablet highlights the problem of focusing too much on technology instead of paying attention to your surroundings.

Have you ever experienced iPod oblivion?  How do you think you can avoid it?

Get to studying ‘oblivion‘!
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