Studylist of the Week: Amazing Sky

The sky has been a source of inspiration and wonder for humans for thousands of years.  We’ve always looked up and wondered what else was out there in a universe of seemingly endless possibilities.

The Amazing Sky studylist highlights some of the wonders that the sky can show us.


A look at the sky on a clear night provides a breathtaking view of the visible universe.

Though the stars may look innumerable (too numerous to be counted), what’s amazing is that there are probably even more planets than stars!


The aurora, an amazing light show in the sky seen from the northern or southern poles, is caused by sunlight reflecting off the Earth’s atmosphere.

The phenomenon (situation that is observed to happen) is truly wondrous, and has been called the “Dance of the Spirits.”


Can you imagine a place where lightning brightens the sky almost constantly?  It exists!

The lightning above the Catatumbo happens so often, sailors know it as the “Maracaibo Beacon (light used to warn and guide vessels)“.


A lunar rainbow is a rare occurrence, requiring just the right environmental factors.

When the clouds in the sky are thin enough to just barely veil (hide or partly hide something) the moon’s light, the lunar rainbow can be seen.


Are you studying the Amazing Sky studylist?  Let us know about your progress in the comments!

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