Language Matters: Laughing Across the Internet

How do you “LOL” in your native language?

In English, you might say “haha” at a little joke, “hehe” at a clever turn of phrase, or just “heh” at something odd or unusual. ┬áIf you’ve actually laughed out loud while sitting at your computer, you might even use “lol,” “hahahahahaha,” or “rotfl” (rolling on the floor laughing).

On the social news site Reddit, users from all over the world have been talking about internet culture in different languages.

In Thai, “5″ is pronounced “ha,” so people write “55555″ to demonstrate their laughter.
(But in Chinese, “5″ is “wu,” so “55555″ would be “wuwuwuwuw,” symbolizing crying.)

In Spanish, “j” is pronounced like the English “h,” so “hahaha” becomes “jajaja.”

In Greek, you’d say “xaxaxa.”

The Japanese use “wwwwwww” for laughter, and in some shared online spaces (like Final Fantasy forums), English speakers have started to do the same!

How do you show the Internet when you think something is funny?

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