Vocablet of the Day: Appoint

When you think of a police dog, you probably picture a German Shepherd or other big, powerful canine, right?  Then this new member of a Japanese police department may surprise you!

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Though he may be an unusual choice, the chihuahua that was selected for a job or role on a disaster squad is fully trained and up for the task.

Big things sometimes come in small (and very cute) packages.

Some police dogs need to be large and strong to take down criminals.  Others need special training to sniff out drugs or bombs.  This little chihuahua may not be overpowering any dangerous people, but he’s smart and capable of the job he was appointed to do.

I appointed my pet cat to the position of “Vice President in Charge of Naps” in my house.  What other jobs can animals be appointed to do?

Study ‘appoint‘!
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