Language Matters: Exploring the Universe

Are you a backyard astronomer?  Do you ponder the mysteries of our galaxy as you gaze up at the stars at night?

We know more about the universe now than we ever have before, thanks to teams of scientists peering through telescopes and reporting about wonders like supernovaeblack holes, and clusters of stars at unimaginable distances.

VocabNetwork’s Outside the Solar System studylist has cool information about space, plus the definitions for the vocab words highlighted in this post!

After you study, use your vocab words to write Describe Me sentences about the image above.  Click HERE to get to the Describe Me page.

One of NASA’s unmanned spacecrafts, Voyager 1, is about to venture outside of our own solar system.  I can’t help but imagine what kinds of images and data it will send back to us as it explores new and uncharted territory, light-years from Earth.

What do you think is out there?  Could there be life elsewhere in the universe, looking for us?

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