Language Matters: The Universal Alien Language

So far, all attempts at creating a universal language, one that everyone in the world can use to speak with total precision, have failed.  Even Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most brilliant people to walk the Earth, couldn’t accomplish such a feat.

But one linguist and legions of Star Trek fans have come close.

Klingon, the language spoken by Star Trek aliens of the same name, began with six lines in a movie, and has developed into a true language with 3,000 words, as well as its own grammar and syntactical rules.

Today, Star Trek fans around the world use the Internet to analyze and discuss the language.  Fans have even translated Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Klingon — in iambic pentameter!

At some Star Trek meetups, fans with different native languages can communicate with each other using Klingon.

While only around 100 people in the world speak the language fluently, it’s proved itself to be the closest we’ve come to a purely invented language that can help people communicate in a brand new way.

Are you a Star Trek fan?  Do you know any Klingon words?

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