Vocablet of the Day: Miniaturized

Do you like houseplants?  What about house-trees?  This miniaturized version provides a bit of beauty, as well as encouraging contemplation.

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If you’ve ever had a dollhouse, built model airplanes, or played with toy cars as a kid, then you know that things made on a smaller or tiny scale can be hours of delicate work and entertainment.

The Japanese art of Bonsai trees involves taking careful care of these delicate, miniaturized trees, cutting them back so they grow into specific shapes.  They require a lot of attention, but the benefits are a calmer mind and a piece of beautiful, living artwork.

Have you ever tried to care for a Bonsai tree?  Are you interested in any other types of miniaturized things, like model trains or ceramic figurines?

Study ‘miniaturized‘!
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