Vocablet of the Day: Crook

Are your online accounts as secure as you think they are?  You might be surprised!

Study ‘crook‘ in VocabNetwork’s Criminal Minds studylist.

You know you should never tell anyone your passwords, but you should also know which common passwords to avoid, if you want to keep your information safe from dishonest people, such as thieves.

Crooks know that the most common password is 1234, so they’ll try it first when they’re attempting to hack into someone’s account.  That means that even if you kept your password totally secret, you’re still vulnerable to crooks if that password is something easy to guess.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you by a crook?  Have your online accounts ever been hacked?  Tell us about it!

Study ‘crook‘!
Add the crook-Password Strength Vocablet to a studylist of your own, or start studying NOW with VocabNetwork’s Criminal Minds studylist.

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