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Quidditch, the flying-broomstick fantasy sport featured in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, is sweeping U.S. universities.  Students can choose it as an extracurricular (outside the regular duties of one’s job or profession) activity, just like other sports or clubs.

More interested in the great indoors?  VN’s Gaming studylist highlights the thrills and entertainment possible with just you, your television, and a game controller.


Nintendo has been around a long time, but their newest innovation (act of changing something established) is unlike anything else: a 3D handheld game console.




Civilization is a game that lets you create a world empire. Civilization V, the newest edition, features a better tactical (characterized by smart maneuvering) battles for enhanced gameplay.



Motion-activated controllers are the current big thing in video games, but the Kinect for Xbox has one-upped (gotten the better of) them all: your whole body becomes the controller!


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