Language Matters: Learn to Talk Like a Scalawag

Arr matey, you best be swabbin’ the poop deck before I make ye walk the plank!

The Greenwood Public Library in Indiana is making the world a more swashbuckling place with its new free online language courses, including a five-lesson class on pirate-speak.

Get ready for next year's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Of course, for those looking to learn a more traditionally useful language, the library is also offering classes in languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, and English as a second language.

Online language courses are a departure from the traditional ways of learning languages in classrooms with lots of face-to-face interaction and practice.  But with the ability to access the language classes on smartphones and other mobile devices, these courses offer something traditional classes don’t: convenience and portability, which is important when undertaking something as time-consuming as learning a new language.

Greenwood Public Library’s classes are only available to those holding a Greenwood library card, but many other public libraries around the country offer similar language courses.  If you’re in the U.S., look up your local public library to see what they have!

Would you take an online language course?  What about an online pirate language course?  Shiver me timbers!

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