Idiom Edition: Running Circles

Acrobatic kicks, amazing headers, incredible saves – there’s been a lot to cheer for during the 2014 World Cup, but perhaps one of the most astonishing efforts on display has been the incredible amount of distance these athletes cover in a match.

Some soccer players run as much as 9.5 miles a game!

So what’s the difference between running circles around someone and running around in circles?

Well, if you watched the semifinal match between Germany and Brazil you’ve seen great examples of both!

The German team ran circles around Brazil, meaning that they outplayed the home team, demonstrating much more skill and ability in their 7-1 win.

Brazil’s team meanwhile seemed to run around in circles for most of the game, which means they spent a lot of time and energy but didn’t achieve much.

Run over to VN for more run phrases!



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