Vocablets of the Day: Farther Vs. Further

Man, these two can be easy to mix up! When do you use ‘farther’ in a sentence and when do you use ‘further’? Are they interchangeable?

Farther is usually used when referring to measurable distances. For example:

-Is it much farther to the house?

-No one has made it farther than the bridge.

-The TV remote was farther than I could reach.


Further is used normally for figurative distances or general advancement. For example:

-If you complain any further I’ll guarantee you don’t make it back to the house.

-We have no further plans to attempt to cross the bridge

-I can’t watch the TV for now, but I’m further along in my book

When in doubt, ‘further’ gets you further, because there are some restrictions for ‘farther’. In fact, ‘further’ can replace ‘farther’ in all the examples above, but not the other way around.

If you want to study these further, as well as some other words that are easy to mix up, head over to:


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