Vocablets of the Day: Compare and Contrast

When you put two things side by side you begin to see the similarities and the differences between the two. When you look for what is similar, you’re comparing the two. When you look for what is different, you’re contrasting.

Compare and contrast may have different meanings, but the two words are very similar in practice. If you liken two things and make a note of everything similar between them, you likely will have noted the differences as well. Because of this the words are often used together as compare and contrast. If you use one or the other it’s because you want to emphasize the similarities or differences.

Photo:  Phineas Jones on FlickrCompare and Contrast:

Octopus vs Squid


Octopi and Squid are cephalopods that live in salty water from the tropics to temperate zones. Both have blue blood and travel by sucking water up into there bodies and quickly releasing it. Both are pretty tasty!


-Octopi live in dens on the seafloor, squid live in the open ocean

-Octopi have eight arms, squid have an additional two tentacles

-Octopi are solitary creatures, squid sometimes travel in schools

If you want to learn more head over to VN and check out our Octopus vs Squid collection! http://vocabnetwork.com/featured/bl/8304/octopus-vs-squid/

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