Easily Confused: FUN Vs FUNNY

It’s no fun to mix up these two words. Let’s look at the difference between the two:

Fun (n) means pleasure and enjoyment: “We had a lot of fun on our trip.” It can also be used as an adjective: “We did lots of fun (enjoyable) activities while we were in the city.”

Funny (adj) means causing laughter or amusement

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  1. “Hahahaha! I’ve heard that story a million times and it’s still funny!”

BUT, it can also mean that something is or feels…

  1. strange: “There’s something funny about that man’s shoes.”
  2. unwell: “My head feels funny, I think I need to lie down.”
  3. or even suspicious:  A) You should drink this. It’s really, REALLY good. B) Why, what’s in it? You’re acting funny

NOTE that funny does not mean enjoyable:

“Our school trip to New York was very funny.” incorrect
“Our school trip to New York was lots of fun.” correct

Have some fun and see what’s funny with VocabNetwork!


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