What’s HOT studylist: Mother’s Day

Your mother spent nine months carrying you in her body, several painful hours bringing you into the world, and many years taking care of your every need.  Moms take on the hardest job in the world without asking anything in return.  In honor of moms everywhere, Mother’s Day is what’s HOT this week.

Find out about the originator of Mother’s Day, the exasperation of one mother’s struggles with her high-spirited kids, the black mother who was surprised by her three albino children, and the amazing new ability of researchers to put together an unborn baby’s genetic blueprint from DNA in the mother’s blood.

Get on the path to mastery with this week’s HOT Mother’s Day studylist, and don’t forget to send your mom a card while you’re at it!

What’s HOT Studylist: Earth Day 2012

There’s a huge mass of garbage, much of it tiny plastic pieces, swirling around the Pacific Ocean.  The United States recently had the hottest March on record.  Gas prices are steadily rising, storms are growing increasingly severe, and experts are urging immediate action to combat global climate change.

What’s HOT (no pun intended) this week: Earth Day 2012.

Read about one of the most polluted cities in the world, miners that are depleting the already scarce coral reefs, and diminished Arctic ice floes.

Happily, there are also new green energy technologies being developed and efforts at energy conservation around the world.

Head over to VN to study, test, play, and track your progress to mastery with this week’s What’s HOT studylist, Earth Day 2012.

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, and we’ll be posting Earth Day content all week.  Keep checking back!

What’s HOT studylist: Facebook Controversy

Facebook is one of the most popular social tools on the web right now, and you can’t get that big without making a few mistakes.  See the stories in this week’s What’s HOT studylist, Facebook Controversy.

From backlash about lax privacy measures to concerns that Facebook anonymity could be connected to cyber crimes, from a torrent of new features to marital strife caused by the site, Facebook is no stranger to controversy.

Study, test, play, and track your progress to mastery with VN’s HOT Facebook Controversy studylist, and be here next week for more as we continue making vocab memorable for YOU.

What’s HOT Studylist: Springtime

As April begins, those of us in the northern hemisphere can look forward to even longer days, warmer temperatures, and blooming flora.  What’s HOT this week?  Springtime!

Shake off that winter melancholy with spring cleaning, look for your favorite perennial flowers to appear, and enjoy the promise of a new growing season — no curmudgeonly behavior allowed!

Start working towards mastery on this week’s HOT Springtime studylist, and check back next week for more of What’s HOT, making vocab memorable for you.

What’s HOT studylist: Lady Gaga

Little Monsters (as Gaga calls her fans) have reason to celebrate — today, the pop star turns 26.

In tribute, this week’s What’s HOT studylist is all about Lady Gaga — her bold, eccentric fashion choices, the controversy surrounding that bizarre raw meat dress, her atypical ways of performing and connecting to fans, and more.

Check back next week for another HOT studylist, making vocabulary memorable for you.

HOT Studylist: The Hunger Games

A post-apocalyptic world, a ruthless and all-controlling government, an epic fight to the death, and the most intense reality show the world has ever seen…

‘The Hunger Games’ is the coolest story out there right now, and the upcoming movie release is further fueling all that excitement.  So, What’s HOT this week is VN’s ‘The Hunger Games’ studylist.

This studylist is also part of our current Studylist Scramble competition, so enter today for a chance to win FREE movie passes!

What’s HOT studylist: New Vocablets

Anticipation of zany hijinks from ThinkGeek, imperiled U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, social jet lag caused by the switch to Daylight Savings Time, and more interesting snippets and top-notch vocab in this week’s What’s HOT studylist.

We’re adding new Vocablets all the time over at VocabNetwork, and this week we’re highlighting some of the most recent — from the prodigious luck of the Year of the Dragon to the distressing tendency of hikers to cry wolf using new tracking technology.

Check back next week for a new What’s HOT studylist, making vocab memorable for YOU.