Vocablet of the Day: Inject

Many people are afraid of spiders, with their creepy-crawly legs and sharp fangs.  But it’s not the bite you have to worry about, it’s what comes with it….

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The scariest part of a spider isn’t its fangs (though those are pretty creepy), it’s the way they use them to force or drive a fluid (venom) into something — that something being your skin!

Tarantulas can be terrifying to look at because they’re hairy and huge — the size of a person’s hand!  But even if they use their big scary fangs to bite you, the venom they inject is too weak to do any real damage.

Have you ever been injected with the venom of a spider or snake bite?

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Vocablet of the Day: Cram

Focus, dedication, long nights spent cramming: these are the keys to success in any school — even a school for pop stars.

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It’s not easy to become a star, as students at K-Pop schools know well.  Their nights are filled with long hours of studying a subject intensively — and that subject is pop.

While most students are busy filling their heads with math, history, and science, students at a different kind of school are cramming another kind of material: dance steps and catchy lyrics.  Students at K-Pop schools in South Korea want to be stars, and they’re willing to work hard to make their dream a reality.

Every student knows what it’s like to cram for hours.  What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent cramming for an exam?

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Vocablet of the Day: Anomalous

For over sixty years, this triangular region of the Atlantic Ocean has claimed hundreds of ships in ways that cannot be explained… or has it?

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Ships can sink and airplanes can go missing at any time, but there’s one place on Earth that draws a suspicious number of disappearances that are strange and difficult to identify or classify: The Bermuda Triangle

The area of the Bermuda Triangle are not exactly defined, but it is generally said to exist between the tip of Florida, the Bermuda Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Most official organizations do not recognize the area, and some people say that many of the stories of anomalous disappearances and occurrences in the area are untrue.

Knowing the stories of the Bermuda Triangle, would you travel within it?  Or would you keep on the safe side, staying away from the whole region and its stories of anomalous, and fatal, incidences?

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Vocablet of the Day: Crook

Are your online accounts as secure as you think they are?  You might be surprised!

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You know you should never tell anyone your passwords, but you should also know which common passwords to avoid, if you want to keep your information safe from dishonest people, such as thieves.

Crooks know that the most common password is 1234, so they’ll try it first when they’re attempting to hack into someone’s account.  That means that even if you kept your password totally secret, you’re still vulnerable to crooks if that password is something easy to guess.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you by a crook?  Have your online accounts ever been hacked?  Tell us about it!

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Vocablet of the Day: Miniaturized

Do you like houseplants?  What about house-trees?  This miniaturized version provides a bit of beauty, as well as encouraging contemplation.

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If you’ve ever had a dollhouse, built model airplanes, or played with toy cars as a kid, then you know that things made on a smaller or tiny scale can be hours of delicate work and entertainment.

The Japanese art of Bonsai trees involves taking careful care of these delicate, miniaturized trees, cutting them back so they grow into specific shapes.  They require a lot of attention, but the benefits are a calmer mind and a piece of beautiful, living artwork.

Have you ever tried to care for a Bonsai tree?  Are you interested in any other types of miniaturized things, like model trains or ceramic figurines?

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Vocablet of the Day: Miserable

Mean, irritable, joyless, unpleasant… What “bah, humbug!” literary character fits that description?

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With his grumbles and annoyance at Christmas and his mean-spiritedness toward everyone, Ebenezer Scrooge is one of literature’s most miserable people.

The grave of a miserable man.

When you call someone a “Scrooge,” you think they’re experiencing a serious lack of contentment or happiness.  Scrooge’s transformation in A Christmas Carol is remarkable because he changes from a grumpy, miserable man into someone who can laugh and appreciate life.

Have you ever known anyone who was always miserable, even to the point of making other people miserable as well?

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Vocablet of the Day: Estranged

Making amends with family members is never easy, but when you’re a celebrity, constant attention from the media makes it that much harder.

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Relationships between family members can become strained for many reasons, sometimes to the point where you can’t even speak to each other and are no longer together with your loved one.

Lindsay Lohan, famously troubled actress, was estranged from her father for many years due to problems in their relationship.  When they tried to work things out, a media frenzy made the reconciliation overly public.

Are you estranged from any of your family members?  What kind of situation could cause you to become estranged from your parents or siblings?

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Vocablet of the Day: Renewable

American football is known for being many things — competitive, brutal, exhilarating… and environmentally friendly?

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More and more organizations are moving toward environmental friendliness, choosing energy sources that are not permanently depleted when used.  The NFL is no exception.

Solar panels capture the sun's energy for us to use -- the ultimate renewable resource.

Harnessing sources of renewable energy, like solar and wind power, is one of the biggest ways to “go green.”  The NFL is trying to do its part for the environment by choosing these energy sources to power major sporting events.

Wind and solar power are only two sources of renewable energy.  Do you know of any others?  What would be an example of non-renewable energy?

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Vocablet of the Day: Departure

Charles de Gaulle Airport has hundreds of departures and arrivals every day — but one man’s departure took an exceptionally long time.

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Mehran Karimi Nasseri took his time with his act of leaving from Charles de Gaulle Airport — almost twenty years!

Sleeping in airports is usually not very comfortable.

Sometimes, with delayed flights, long waits, and even longer lines, it can feel like you live in the departure lounge of your local airport.  Mehran Karimi Nasseri, however, actually knows what it’s like, having made an airport his home from 1988 to 2006.  His final departure from that place must have been a huge relief!

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve waited in an airport’s departure terminal?

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Vocablet of the Day: Mania

Shoe mania!  Nike’s new shoe created a new customer base: ‘Back to the Future’ fans.

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You wouldn’t think that shoes could cause an excess of excitement or enthusiasm, but when the shoes are based on a hugely popular cult classic and made by Nike, that’s exactly what happened.

Sneaker enthusiasts and ‘Back to the Future’ fans were thrilled when Nike released a shoe based on the ones worn by Michael J. Fox’s character.  Nike’s decision to only make 1500 pairs of the shoe fueled the mania, with fans trying desperately to get their hands on a pair.

Would you have been a part of this movie-based shoe mania?  What kind of product release for fans would you be excited about?

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