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The Hunger Games Studylist Scramble is now over
with 10 winners of free movie tickets.

You can still check out the 100 vocab words defined in
great snippets from The Hunger Games book.

Sign up or Log in to and select one of The Hunger Games studylists to begin.  The site is completely FREE during our beta.


  • After signing up/logging in you’ll be on your Dashboard page. Find ’The Hunger Games s1′ studylist (or any of the 10 listed) located under the blue Studylist tab in Signature Sets —> Studylist Scramble.
  • Add the studylist to your collection, by clicking the red “Add to MY Studylists” button at the top of the Studylist Preview.
  • To view a studylist — go back to your Dashboard, mouse over the EYE icon in “My Studylists” box and click “View.” You’ll go to the Vocab page with all the “Vocablets” listed. Each Vocablet has a vocab word highlighted in yellow in a snippet along with an image, definition, and related words.
  • To study a studylist, mouse over the EYE icon and click “Study.” You’ll go to Flashcards where you can review words and meanings in ways that fit your style.
  • To see how well you know the word meanings, mouse over the EYE icon and click “Test.” You’ll go to Word Test, where you type in vocab words that match the definitions. You get 10 mastery points for each correct answer. Use four hints or less and your points stay the same. You lose 10 points for incorrect answers but don’t worry — the point is to take the test over and over again. This helps make the meanings stick so you master them for life.
  • To continue practicing a studylist, mouse over the EYE icon and click “Play.” You’ll go to our tetris-style Droplets Game where you match word meanings with their related words. Move tiles left-right with your keyboard arrow keys and FAST DROP with the down arrow key or spacebar. Two mastery points a match adds up!
  • Check out your progress-to-mastery on all your Vocablets and % complete of your studylists any time by clicking the Check Progress link at the top of the page (beside My Dashboard).

              Happy studying!
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