How to Use VocabNetwork

Welcome to the VocabNetwork Tutorial!

These pages will walk you through all the cool and useful features of VN, from studying step-by-step to creating your own Vocablets and social groups.  You can look through the tutorial in order, or you can use the Table of Contents links to jump to the part that interests you.

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Dashboard

First, an introduction to the Dashboard.  This is your “home base,” the place where you can access everything on VocabNetwork.  Don’t worry if everything doesn’t make sense yet, it will all be explained as you continue through the how-to.


Study Step-By-Step

Let’s take a look at “Study Step-By-Step.”  It’s the quickest, easiest way to get started learning new words on VN.


Study with Flashcards

The first part of studying step-by-step is studying with FLASHCARDS.


Test Yourself with Word Test

After you’ve studied all your words, you can test your knowledge with the WORD TEST.


Check Answers and Gain Mastery Points

Next, you can check your answers and gain MASTERY POINTS.


Find more How-Tos by using the links at the top of this page!