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Welcome to VocabNetwork (VN), the most interesting and efficient English vocabulary learning site that helps you advance with words.  Starting from what you like, VN will help you master words that are essential to your academic and business success!

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What is VocabNetwork’s approach?

At VN, we know that learning a language is about more than definitions and memorizing.  It’s about speaking with the fluency and sophistication of a native speaker.  It’s about being familiar with the language, feeling comfortable with the words because you’ve seen them used over and over again in many different ways.

You want to feel as comfortable with English as you do with your native language.
VocabNetwork can get you there.
By reading difficult words in lots of different, interesting contexts, you become familiar with more words as they’re used in the real world.  Then, when you come across those words again in your daily life, you’ll remember them and how they’re used.  Soon, you’ll be incorporating those words into your own vocabulary.


It’s more than a website: it’s people!

Because connecting and ‘talking’ are an important part of language learning, we built at VN a social network that offers you help, friendship, and fun! Join a group that you are interested in and be a part of a great community – passionate about words, language, and culture.


Our Credentials?

VocabNetwork is conceived by Sari Follansbee (Ed.D. in Language Development, Literacy, and Special Needs at Harvard Graduate School of Education) and created with an international team of designers, developers, and educators – many whose native language is not English!  We love to use disruptive technologies to turn teaching and learning “on its head”.   We hope you’ll join us.


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