Vocablet of the Day: Frugal

It may be hard to believe, but even successful sports figures can have money problems.  The question is, how do they handle their new lifestyle?

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Facing a very real lack of money, Mike Tyson and his family have had to switch from their usual lavish living to a lifestyle characterized by avoiding waste and using money carefully.

Looking for sales when shopping is one way to be frugal.

The once-rich former boxer is now broke, relying on a more frugal way of living in order to get by.  Surprisingly, Tyson doesn’t miss the money and is happy living his new, frugal life with his wife and children.

Cooking meals at home instead of eating out is one way of saving money.  What other frugal tips do you know of?

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Vocablet of the Day: Aversion

There are a lot of strange and delicious foods out there, and one food truck is encouraging people to take their appetites to a place they’ve never been.

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Would you eat a bug?  If you’re from a Western culture, you probably have a feeling of intense dislike even thinking about it.

But one food truck is challenging this deep-seated aversion with delicious snacks made out of, yes, bugs.  Maybe this will make people question why they have an aversion to eating bugs when they can be a tasty and healthy food.

Do you think you’d eat a buggy snack?  What other foods do you have an aversion toward?

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Vocablet of the Day: Debacle

There’s nothing worse than watching referees make bad calls when your favorite team is playing.  Unfortunately for NFL fans, that’s been happening far too often lately.

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Bad calls from temporary officials have led to frustration from players, coaches, and fans alike — turning every NFL game into a complete collapse or failure.

The NFL officials are on strike, which means there are substitutes taking their place.  The subs clearly don’t know what they’re doing, making bad calls and causing collective groans from football fans across the United States every Sunday.  When will the debacle end?

Remember the debacle when the player from Real Madrid dropped the Copa del Rey trophy in front of the team’s bus?  What other sports debacles can you remember?

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Vocablet of the Day: Tautology

It’s vitally important to be concise and to the point in language, avoiding and eschewing unnecessary repetition and redundancy.  (If you think that sentence has something wrong with it, read on to find out why!)

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Clear language requires using as few words as possible to get your meaning across, avoiding needless saying of the same thing twice in different words.

'Prepay' means 'to pay in advance.' This sign is twice as long as it needs to be because it contains a tautology!

What do you think an ‘action sport’ would be?  Don’t all sports, by definition, involve action?  That’s why the term ‘action sports’ is a tautology — the same idea is expressed in the word ‘sports’ by itself.

“Short summary” and “necessary requirement” are two more examples of needlessly saying the same thing in different words.  Can you think of any others?  How many can you find in this post’s first sentence?

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Vocablet of the Day: Altercation

Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan can’t back down from a fight… even at his own wedding.

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Weddings are meant to be peaceful, happy events, but Hulk Hogan’s wedding took a dramatic turn when a member of his entourage got into a noisy heated situation or quarrel with a member of the paparazzi.

The altercation happened because the camera-holder was trying to snap pictures of Hogan’s big day.  No punches were thrown, however, so the altercation ended without violence.

The altercation-Hulk Hogan Wedding Vocablet highlights the drama possible when celebrity bodyguards and paparazzi clash.

Actor Johnny Depp once hit a member of the paparazzi with a wooden board.  What other celebrity-paparazzi altercations do you know of?

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Vocablet of the Day: Predilection

Technology is an incredible, useful, potentially life-changing tool… but those changes are not always for the better.

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Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of many people’s lives, but when does this preference or special liking for something go too far?

Our predilection for helpful, innovative technology that keeps us informed and connected is no surprise.  However, this same predilection, if it gets out of control, can become an addiction.

The predilection-Technology Addiction Vocablet highlights the problem that some people have with technology, needing to be constantly connected and experiencing real withdrawal if forced to go without their favorite gadgets.

How strong is your predilection for technology?  Do you know anyone who is tech-addicted?

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Vocablet of the Day: Soporific

Sometimes, not even an energy drink is enough to keep you awake — especially when there’s alcohol involved.

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These guys know all about alcohol's soporific effects.

The humorous image of some partygoers falling asleep with all their clothes on after a night of drinking is evidence of the fact that alcohol has a tendency to cause drowsiness or sleep.

College students looking to party late into the night mix alcohol with energy drinks to fight alcohol’s soporific effects.  However, even though they’re wide awake and not succumbing to the soporific alcohol, they need to remember that they’re still impaired.

The soporific-Energy Drinks Vocablet highlights the trend of partygoers to mix booze with energy drinks in hopes of dancing till the sun comes up.

Some say that warm milk also has soporific effects.  What other foods or beverages can you think of that could be called soporific?

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Vocablet of the Day: Traverse


Parkour: the sport that has people climbing the walls — literally!

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Will the feats of parkour experts help you remember that traverse means traveling across and through?

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the meaning of traverse:

That practitioner of parkour traversed the urban landscape with ease.  The traverse-Parkour Vocablet highlights an amazing world-wide sport that is all about traveling across and through an area in the most efficient way possible.

Would you ever try to traverse an area in the style of parkour?  Do you think this qualifies as an extreme sport?

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Vocablet of the Day: Obstreperous

Kids are many things: cute, interesting, funny, lovable… and out of control!

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Kids are fun and entertaining, but their boundless energy means that they can also sometimes be noisy and difficult to control.

Shirley Jackson’s story about her struggles with her obstreperous children is humorous and touching.  Though she is sometimes exasperated by her high-spirited and obstreperous kids, her love for them is obvious even through the frustration.

The obstreperous-Life Among the Savages Vocablet highlights the book written by a mom about her sometimes wild but always lovable children.

Have you ever been around a group of obstreperous kids?  Were you that way when you were young?

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Vocablet of the Day: Discrepancy

In the Occupy movement, the protesters claim to be the 99% of average workers protesting against the 1% of the hugely wealthy.  Why?

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One of the biggest issues for the Occupy movement is the difference or inconsistency in earnings between corporate executives and the average worker.

The huge discrepancy in wages means that the small number of people who are already wealthy (the 1 percent) grow richer while a much larger majority of people (the 99 percent) struggle to make ends meet.  The growing discrepancy also threatens to eliminate the middle class, leaving only the very poor and the very rich.

The discrepancy-Wage Gap Vocablet highlights the unjust distribution of money in the United States, where the amount of pay is not equal to the amount of work.

Have you noticed this wage discrepancy in your own life?  How might it affect you?

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